Personal data protection – Confidentiality Policy Green Environment Support

This message contains important information regrading data protection policy. Please read it until the end in order to take an informed decision regarding the way we interact with you.

On the 25th of May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulations 2016/679 (GDPR)) was adopted. GDPR it’s an unique regulation, direct applicable in al EU state members which replaces the Directive nr 95/46/CE and law 677/2001 regarding personal data protection and free movement of data.

Green Environment Support – applies the personal data security and confidentiality policy according to GDPR and as part of our commitment to respect the data security policy you can find below relevant information regarding the why, how and how long your personal data will be processed and what are your rights.

Which personal date we use?

We process your contact details: name, surname, phone number, e-mail and postal address. In some cases when we provide a certain service, we might process the personal numeric code, serial number of your ID or bank account.

Also when you visit our site we can process information regarding the devices used to access the site and your interaction with the site.

Why we process your data?

Green Environment Support – obtained the data directly from you because you interacted with us during one of our events, you purchased one of our services or you have visited our web site.

The data can be used by us or our partners for the following purposes:

  • Send promotional information or news adapted to your interests or needs
  • Online marketing and advertising regarding our services
  • To ensure the optimum functionality of our web site or improve their performance or to allow you access in specific accounts on our website
  • Market research activities
  • If you requested an offer for one of the serviced provided by Green Environment Support we process your data in order to respond to your request and provide the needed service

For how long we process your data?

In order to ensure a pleasant and personalized interaction with us we keep your data for a period of maximum 5 years from the last interaction with Green Environment Support excepting the cases when the law requires a bigger period for data storage. Nevertheless, we do not take full accountability to keep your date for the entire period and we can erase them earlier.

Who has access to your data?

Green Environment Support does not sell, transfer, reveals or allows access to your personal data to third parties that are no connected to its activity.

In order to reach the goals described above Green Environment Support – can reveal your personal data to the suppliers hired by Green Environment Support for the following reasons:

  • Transportation or courier or logistic companies hired by Green Environment Support
  • Specialized marketing companies or marketing research in the name of Green Environment Support
  • IT services who assist Green Environment Support – to maintain the systems and the website
  • Green Environment Support ‘s partners who sell or install the services that you have requested
  • Maintenance or warranty service suppliers hired by Green Environment Support –

In all the cases described above we will reveal your personal data only based on a contract with the third parties through which they will use the data only in the scope for which they were reveals and to respect the confidentiality obligation and assure the security of the data and complying with the legislative requests regarding data protection.

We can also reveal your data to public authorities (Prosecutors, Police, Court and any authorized institutions) based on justified requests ad following the legal requirements.

What rights you have and how you can exercise them?

GDPR provides you the following rights:

To be informed once per year that Green Environment Support processed your personal data and which one exactly:

  • To require the up-date of the data in case they are incomplete or incorrect
  • To refuse data processing for legit reasons who are related to you particular status
  • In case of direct marketing usage, you can refuse without any reason
  • To request your data to erased except the situation in which the law forbids erasing them

You can exercise all the rights mentioned above by sending an e-mail to ..

In order to protect your personal data and your interests we might require additional details in order to identify you.

Personal data confidentiality

When we process your personal data we use technical measures that assure the confidentiality and accuracy of your data.

The personal data which have special protection requirements (personal numeric code, serial ID number, banking account) are processed limited according to the law and using proper technical solutions.

Nevertheless, no security system is infallible. This is the reason why we constantly work to make sure that we keep our security measures at the highest levels and we will immediately inform you in case of any security breach.